IAJ Development

Bespoke Web Project and Game Server Development Solutions

If you need a Dedicated, Reliable and Bespoke Server solution, you need to be able to rely on the best of the best.

That's where we come in.

Our Process

Concept Design

Bring us your idea, and we'll handle the rest. If the concept is feasible, we'll get to work right away.

Solution Development

We handle all of the development for every little detail of your concept and the requirements you have. In House.


After the initial development of your concept we then decide on the optimal hardware for it.


The price you pay for your project includes 6 Months of free maintenance at hours that best suit you and your needs.

We Have Worked With


Contact Us hello@iamjawa.co

For an extra fee we also offer a service we are calling "White Label Development".

This means that your project is free of any of our branding and your name as a client is not mentioned on any of our marketing material either.

We also sign all of the rights and the credit for the creation of your project over to you, so it appears as if you have developed the solution in house.